If you can’t go fast, go slow often 

I struggle to find time to have a proper workout. The logistics can feel nearly impossible with a baby. I thought I needed to go to the gym or go for a run to be “active” but the truth is you can be active around your house all day long. 

Once I got my Fitbit, I could see how little I was doing in a day. It was then that I started upping my activity levels around the house. Now I dance around the house with my daughter instead of sitting on the floor. I march in place while folding the washing. I avoid the couch. I walk to the shops to get a coffee. It’s not a workout per se but I end up burning a lot more calories than I did being sedentary. Just by slowly moving throughout the day I walk around 10 miles! I now surpass my jogging friends on Fitbit in steps per day. (I feel like the tortoise winning the race!)

Our bodies were designed to be on the move. High intensity workouts are great, but if you are struggling to fit it into your schedule, don’t let it be an excuse to sit on your bum all day! 

The photo is a pohutukawa (we call it a kiwi Christmas tree because it blooms around Xmas). Can you spot Ziggy enjoying our wee walk around the park? 😊

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