Natural energy! No sleep required.

“Get a good nights sleep”. It’s on every health tip list. But what about when you can’t get a good nights sleep? Like when you have a new baby and you’re lucky to get 3 hours in a row!

As a sleep-deprived new mum, I turned to caffeine and sugar to keep me going through the long, sleepless nights. As I got more and more exhausted, I ate more and more sugar. Finally, I decided to kick the sugar habit and focus on whole food, plant based eating. 

It sucked at first. I missed my sugar crutch. But after a couple weeks I’d get these bursts of joyful energy. And then one morning I woke up and felt happy and full of life. I looked at my Fitbit app wondering if maybe I had dreamt that I was up half the night with a teething 4 month old. Nope. The sleep tracker confirmed the mere 4 hours of sleep I received. But I woke up feeling so good? Maybe it was just a phase? But the next day I woke up ready for the day again and the day after that. Suddenly my days were filled with much more energy and my mood was greatly improved! 

Don’t get me wrong I’m still a Wellingtonian. We love our coffee. I dutifully walk down to the shops for my morning soy flat white each day. But pre-coffee I used to be a grouchy, nonsensical mess and now I’m a happy, normal person! 

I definitely attribute this newfound energy to my whole food, plant based diet. I just wish I had been eating this way all along! 

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