5 ways I’m improving my diet for better weight loss.

I’m stepping up my weight loss game. For the last month I’ve transitioned from a junk food vegetarian diet to a whole-food, plant-based one. The results so far have been good but now I’m ready to delve a bit deeper into healthy eating. Here are 5 upgrades I’m making:

  1. “Whole” whole grains: even though some breads and pastas are labeled “whole grain” they can still be highly processed. I’m upgrading to sprouted grain bread and buckwheat pasta. The less refined flour the better.
  2. Fewer nuts: nut bars and trail mix have been my go-to snacks but they are so caloricly dense that I end up overeating them. Nuts are good for you but in moderation. I might still add nuts to my cooking but I’m getting rid of my nut snacks. 
  3. Oil: I’ve cut down on the amount of oil I use in cooking but I still use it a bit out of habit. I’m going to focus more on eating whole-food fats and not using up my daily calorie allowance on oil.
  4. Sodium: I’ve stopped cooking with salt but sodium manages to sneak its way into my food. I’m going to crack down on the sauces and condiments we use that are high in sodium. 
  5. Coffee: Coffee is like a religion in New Zealand. I love my ritual of walking to the shops to buy my soy flat white. Really though I’m just wasting my money on a steaming cup of empty calories. So I’m going to try to make coffee at home with a splash of soy milk. This will be the hardest habit to change!

I’m hoping that these changes will accelerate my weight loss! Any other suggested upgrades? 

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